YEAH I LIKE TO TOWERDIVE!! How to learn from your mistakes

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This week a dude wrote to me in game (League of Legends) and asked if I could give him some tips on how to be a better player. He told me that he's too offensive and don't really know how to act in different kinds of situations. So I thought that I could update my blog with a post about "how to be a better player and learn from your mistakes". I chose to write about towerdiving, offensive playstyle, defensive playstyle, mood in game and how to get better as a player. Here we go!

The tower's be hittin' on me dawg, what to do? (Towerdiving)

Well, first of all. Stop towerdive. If your minions ain't there to take'em shots for you, you shouldn't stand in range for the tower to be hittin' on your ass unless you're a bit tanky. Remember that the tower aim's at you straight ahead if you're hitting on the enemy champions. See the towers as a dog, guarding their master(s).
Try to harrass as much as you can. If the enemy champion is low on hp and you don't have enough hp to tower dive for a certain amount of time, don't do it. It's better to let him or her get away, you'll win the lane for a moment and gain more exp and gold than the enemy champions. If there's a gank on its way from your jungler, then be ready to help out as much as possible. The same goes for the jungler, you can't ask your team mate with low hp to engage on the enemy champion standing beside his tower.

Keywords: Patience, strategy, harrass, teamplay

I'm so pr0 hurr durr. OH SHIT! (Offensive playstyle)

Okay... So I guess that you're going a bit too offensive and thinks that you can slain everyone that gets near you. Well yes, you can. But apparently not in this case, especielly if you recognize yourself in this "topic". First of all, you have to realize how much damage you can do against one certain enemy champion (does he have any armor or perhaps magic resist? Is he squishy or tanky?) and how much they can do against you. Do they have a lot of cc (crowd control)? A good choice is not to run in to someone making a lot of critical damage if you're a paper champion (back in my Tales of Pirates days, we used to call players that were squishy for an example, paper sharpshooter and so on) and all your cc's on cd (cooldown). Remember that this is a game where you play in a team, as a team. Unless you're really fed, the enemy is low on hp or makes enough dmg faster than the enemy champion, don't go against an enemy champion or the enemy team alone. Learn how to communicate with your team but most important: learn how to play with your team. You don't always have to be so aggressive, it's better to take it easy and have patience instead of giving away free kills to the enemy teams.

Keywords: Teamplay, patience, knowledge

(Defensive playstyle)

Baduum tisch! Sometimes you might meet a player who's very defensive. The same thoughts can go back against you, you know. Some people just stands behind the rest of the team, perhaps cast one of his spells or two and then woosh! Back to the base/tower, running away like it would be fire under his feet. I would say that you're just afraid of getting bad stats or you're afraid of someone in the enemy team. If you see a team mate hitting on one or two of the enemy champions and you're very close, try to help him or her out. You guys will perhaps get one of them, even two of them and get away. Although, if it's one in your team against 3 or 4 of them, then you can start running if you know that you really can't help out.
If you're a tank, you should help out engaging and stand in the front, not let your carries take all the damage. Being too defensive can give away a free win.
Being defensive and have patience is not the same as being too defensive and not doing anything at all.

Help out, strategy, teamplay, communication

R-R-RAGE QUIT! (Mood in game)

I understand that sometimes it goes so bad in a game you just want to quit. Flaming, qq'ing and rage quitting won't make you a better player than the rest of the one's trying to turn the game around. Don't give up too soon and by raging, flaming or qq'ing on your team mates the mood in the team and the teamplay will be so bad. Remember it's just a game and of course you can get irritated and stuff, but try to hold it for yourself at least while playing and focus on the game instead. Don't give up too soon! I do understand if you want to ragequit when your teammates are stubborn and thinks that your team can win even when the enemy team whipes your asses, they got all buffs, more gold, pushed into your base and yeah, are winning. But always try your best to focus on the game, not on the flaws. Instead, why don't you try to help out your mates by giving them some tips about items or a different playstyle!

Patience, maturity, strategy, teamplay

Uninstall game, you suck! (How to get better as a player)

No, you don't. You just need more practice and everyone has bad games from time to time and meets people just calling you a noob. Practice, play with people you like to play with and you'll gain more experience. Try to be open for new ideas and enjoy the game. It doesn't mean that someone with 1000 wins is better than someone with 400. Of course they got more experience but that doesn't mean that they know a lot about strategies and such.
You just need to practice and be willing to learn. Don't be too stubborn and listen to the one's trying to give you some tips instead!

So, this is something I just put together. If you want some more tips, don't hesitate to ask! Please share your own thoughts, experience and knowledge about how to be a better player and how to learn from your mistakes. How do you act in different kinds of situations? What do you do when trying to get better as a player?


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