Best game of the year?

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Heya y0!

So, it's already December and there have been a lot of new games that have been released this year; Skyrim, BF3, MW3, Amnesia, Zelda Skyward Sword and so on.
This year, I've been trying out games like Dungeon Defenders, Terraria, Blacklight Retribution, Dota 2, Spiral Knights and HoN. LoL too of course. LoL have been the game that I've really enjoyed playing and I've been playing it since last fall. I've made a lot of new friends through the in game life and got to know a lot of them irl too.
I must say that I'm really looking forward to the release of BLR. I must say that Spiral Knights have been a really fun game to play whenever you would like a break from a game that you play often. I haven't played a lot of Dungeon Defenders or Terraria but I really like the graphics and game style in DD.
I can't really decide which game that would be the best game of the year for me. Perhaps LoL or SK... Hmm

Spiral Knights, this is not a screenshot I've taken - Picture from Google.

I would like you to leave a comment with which game you think have been the best game of the year and why? It can be a new game, old game or any other game that you've been into the most during the year.


  • Amine säger:

    Skyrim is probably the best game of the year, although I can't remember the other games that came out. Trine 2 is really good too. Amazing for a sequel to an indie game. You should check it out. :3

    2011-12-12 | 20:09:41
  • Nac0n säger:

    Starcraft 2, i've never thought that i would fall in love with any RTS game out there. And then people told me to start playing it and i was like: No way, i'm done playing with RTS games.

    However, it is now my most favorite game :3

    2011-12-12 | 20:39:46
  • F2P säger:

    Are you only trying F2P games? Since you havn't really talked about either WoW, SC2, Diablo or SW:TOR. And those games have a pretty large amount of players coming online every day.

    2011-12-13 | 02:45:44
  • Cat säger:

    F2P: I have tried out SC2 once before and I'm thinking about playing it a bit more and learn more about the game! I also have a request from a friend to make an interview with any famous SC2 commentator. I actually don't know why I haven't tried out more P2P games but I'll see what I can do! Thank you for your comment and don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have anything else on your mind that you would like to see! Perhaps from a game?

    2011-12-13 | 18:28:11
  • F2P säger:

    Yes, I'd love to see some endgame raiding from WoW, or some arenas! Would be fun to see a girl play that.

    2011-12-13 | 22:20:04
  • Blondie ;) säger:

    2011-12-14 | 22:01:28
  • Blondie säger:

    Hey Cat ;)

    uhm i prefer LoL ofcouse. but All Points Bulletin: Reloaded is quiet a good game aswell.

    i do tend to play Assasins creed Brotherhood/Revelations (cause i am a fan of AC)

    but Skyrim is an awesome game aswell ^^

    BF3 epic graphic also quiet fun.

    Mw3. Similiar to Mw2. so no reason spending money on that.

    World Of Warcraft get's boring in the length ^^

    Incase anyone need some games to play (F2P)

    Blacklight Retribution (soon Open beta)

    League of Legends

    + i have some steam accounts i am Giving away. with few games on it. so Cat if you want in your post i'll give you the info of the accounts ^^

    -Blondie. Over and out.

    2011-12-14 | 22:05:44
  • victor123coolkille säger:

    BF3 for ever best game

    2011-12-19 | 13:09:15
  • Tobbe säger:

    Hi cat!
    The best game this year and almost every year is of course league of legends! I like other games like far cry too but LoL is still the favorite!
    Btw jag är svensk! :D

    2013-02-12 | 22:36:56

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