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Hey guys! Sorry for a very late update! I've been trying out Maplestory since I'm on a break from League of Legends at the moment; Why? Because sometimes you just need a break so you can find a game entertaining again.

Well anyways, I really like this cute 2D animated MMORPG and have been doing a lot of different quests and as far as I know, there are plenty of them to do in MS. I really like the idea of the different medals you can get in game by finishing different quests and such. I participated in an event quest and collected up to 5000+ excavasion points that you get by finding Ancient Relics, dropped by mobs in game. In return, I had the opportunity to pick either an archelogic hat or glasses - I picked the hat. Oh and I also got a medal that says "2012 Artifact Hunter" Now that I'm already on the subject items, I must say that Nexon has a great way to get money from their players. When you buy an items, let's say a pretty dress or something in game, it's not permanent. It'll dissapear after some weeks. I think that's pretty lame, because I would rather stay with a look that I like than spending 30-60 bucks every 3rd month. I guess that this fits other people better and yeah, you don't have to waste money but if you wanna have an own unique look, then you'll have to. Or find a game where you can at least keep those items permanently.

This is a look I would love to have on my character! That would be expensive to get tho'.


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