What makes an online game a good one? Question

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Hey guys! Haven't been that motivated to update the blog but I thought that I could make a small one now. I guess that most of you guys have been playing or at least been trying out an online game.
I think it's really funny to learn new things in a game and in that way, I get motivated to keep playing. I also think it's nice to meet new people and to see what the game has to offer their players and how they have designed the game! Actually, I would really like to play some Maple Story! More about that later.

So, as I mentioned before I just wanted to make a small update and I would also like to ask you a few questions for my next update. I would really appreciate if you guys took some time to post a comment with your answers!

What makes an online game a good one? Is it the community? Design? Game play?
Share your own experience of any game that you have been playing a lot before, what made you keep playing it?
Have you ever quit a game? If yes, how come?


  • Mahmoud Moulla säger:

    They need to know how to get the players hooked instantly. If it takes to long to get into the game, then 90% of all the players just leave it and go back to the other games they are used to. Most of the "consumers" of games like to compare games to eachother. Take World of Warcraft for example. If you have played it and you got hooked you get the tendency to compare games such as Aion (just an example, even thou these games have a huge difference in playstyle)

    with (in this case) World of Warcraft.

    For me, I give every game i play my full support until i find it boring and leave it :P

    2012-01-24 | 22:19:57
  • DLite säger:

    A good game is:

    1st Gameplay

    2nd Community

    3rd now this is the point where the games have different styles, graphic and events.


    1st repedative gameplay.

    2nd pretty good community

    3rd same shit every time.


    1st pretty repedative gameplay but its still fun

    2nd decent cummunity

    3rd events nearly every month, but mostly u have to pay irl cash for it wich isnt worth it.


    1st super repedative gameplay but its a fun thing to do

    2nd good community (except from the millions of polaks playing)

    3rd Good events but rare to see a event.

    There we have 3 MMORPG games wich is totally different from eachother ^_^

    CS:S Good First person shooting with its own style

    flaw: same thing everyround. BUT got alot of mods

    CoD (any cod game efter 4th) have a unique style and super addictive.

    Flaw: Pretty much the same thing everyround

    Battlefield 3 Alot of teamplay can make sure u rule the fields.

    Flaw: Starts in web, anoying if u wanna play offline campaine.

    Some firstperson shooting games.

    The games i have had most fun playing in my entire life is:

    1St Tibia (mostly private servers)

    2nd CS:S (mostly Mods)

    3rd Maplestory

    4th Cod 4

    5th WoW

    6th Grand Fantasia

    Oldschool Gamer, dont rly like new WoW, the new CoD games nor battlefield 3.

    Im just saying like old ppl say "it was better when i were young" ;]

    2012-01-24 | 22:22:50
  • Dennis säger:

    If it feels "new" it's a good online game in the start, if the "new" turns bad it's not a good game.

    Mostly it's about the feel of the game and if you can actually achieve something in the game - If you can just rush trough the game and get all the best items/achievements unlocked to be left with nothing to do - then IMO it's not a good game.

    If you can keep playing it without having to do EXACTLY the same thing over and over and without getting bored from that - then it's a good game.

    Things that help making sure that the game doesn't end up being boring is an interactive gameplay, everchanging mechanics, good user interface and smooth gamecontrols.

    My top 5 online games would go something like this:

    1st WoW: Vanilla/TBC

    2nd Diablo 2 lord of destruction

    3rd LoL

    4th CS 1,6

    5th WC3 (mostly DotA)

    2012-01-24 | 22:47:24
  • Anonym säger:

    1 i think an god online game needs a lot of things good gameplay is important. with out the comunety it's nothing. i think there have to be a lot of ways to do things so u can discust with better/wiser players to be enligtent and it shouldnt bee too noob frendly like WoW nowadays.

    ive played

    1st City of heroes

    2nd WoW

    3rd Warhammer online

    4th LoL

    5th CoD MW 3

    sorry for my bad spelling

    ops got kinga lost

    nothig to read below just my wow story one i started to write i couldnt stop^^

    as ive said ive play WoW for a long time when i started it was my uncle who got me started he was this epic wise man to whom i looked up to. later like TBC i was a bit late to 70 n when i got there all my guildies was highraiding n so on so i took a paus becaouse theigs werent comeing my way later i wotkel i got in to the raiding team n felt as a bad member of the group but as time whent on i became better n better got to know alot of new friends and perfect. in cata i was to change from healer to tank because we lost one and as i got inte tanking my raid team thought no he shouldnt be tank lets make him healer.... and so on i started feel unvelcomed. but it became better with time. in the time b4 firelans i was raiding with 2 rainding teams on 2 chars and it became a lot. i was unmotivated and missed n was late to raids. firelands come i continued to raid with one of the teams (my guildies) and we were a not as many as we would like to be but we keept trying as the fall came we became a full team even some new faces. i was thrown out becouse 2 mounth earlyer i had ben playing bad n been late to raids. thats how i stopped play WoW

    2012-01-24 | 23:20:27
  • JW Photography ♥ säger:

    svar: Aw thx cat! Hör av mig när jag vet när det behöver vara klart - ev. ska jag använda min pojkvän å ev. mig själv å honom tsm x)<3

    2012-01-29 | 22:04:30
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