Long time no see - Catch up

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So, here I am updating this blog once again! It is "under construction" so if it doesn't look great, then it's simply isn't done yet.

I have been playing different games since the last post but also been keeping up with League of Legends. Actually, I recently bought the game "The War Z", a zombie survival mmo. I was thinking that I could make a quick game review later at night, you should tune in later and check some nice screenshots and such!

I am also working hard to decide if I should go with either a Nvidia GPU or one from AMD/ATI. I seriouuuuusly don't know. But this basically means that I've been putting together a new computer lately.
I have also been thinking about making this blog (or maybe create a new one) a more personal blog were I don't only write about games but also about other interests such as music and fan dubbing.

But let's start with getting this blog going again!
Ttyl! (Talk to you later)


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