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y0 guys!

So as you guys might already know, I've been talking about making game reviews, game play videos and such. I didn't really had a good and "official" name for my YouTube channel or livestream so I finally created ComplementGaming.

Complement is not the same thing as a compliment (see the difference between the "e" and the "i"?). My idea was to create a strong and creative name that somehow could explain what I'm doing and since reviews and such is kinda a complement of the real thing, in this case a game I thought that this name would fit quite well.

You're more than welcome to watch me livestreaming at or watch the "old" streams when the channel is OFFLINE.
I already recorded some gameplay of me playing the game Torchlight, an action role-playing game published by Runic Games. Torchlight II is planned to release this summer but has a closed BETA right now. I'll write more about this Torchlight in the next post so please stay tuned!


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