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I enjoy listening to music while playing a game or two (or more lol). I usually find it pretty nice to listen to fox trax, hardstyle or any other electronic music meanwhile but that can variate. I remember when I was around 4 years old, sitting beside my sister while she was playing Zelda - Ocarina of Time we were always listening to Alphaville hahah!

I like to listen to the in game music and sounds but sometimes it can just get annoying. Especially when you're playing some kind of MMORPG and the audio is on repeat. Meanwhile when you're playing LoL, some sounds can be really effective to hear, to locate your enemy for an example.

So, what kind of music do you prefer listening to while gaming? Perhaps you have a gaming music playlist? Share!

This is a great song I would like to share with you guys. Eargasm!


  • Dennis säger:

    Well, I pick of different kind of music from different people all the time ^^

    But often times I listen to a very mixed one I've made with the music I have on my computer :3

    Else my favorites on youtube is often used as a playlist when I am gaming ^^

    Interesting subject tho Cat! ^^

    2012-01-10 | 19:10:02
  • Mammmmmmmmmut säger:

    I like these kinds of songs more. You get the feeling that you are VERY important when you listen to these songs while playing, like you are tryharding or something.

    (Music producers, not only this song)

    2012-01-10 | 22:29:47
  • Mammmmut säger:

    This kind of music makes you feel special!

    2012-01-10 | 22:32:44
  • Sis säger:

    Alphaville I played, and look where you are today :)

    2012-01-17 | 01:19:07
  • marcusalm säger:

    i find music awesome hardstyle n skrillex is nice to lisnd to

    but game sounds is ofen more inportant n thats why i use a head set for that n speakers for music

    2012-01-20 | 23:19:27

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