Darkspore, Guild Wars 2 and advertisement movie

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So yeaaaah, been busy in school. Bare with me. (Actually, I'm in school right now, teehee!) Thank you for your comments tho'! I'll try my best to keep up with updating this oh-so-awesome blog. Because you're worth it (oh so cliché...)
Anyways, my friends told me to get Guild Wars 2 when it's released and it actually looks awesome. I'm considering to buy it. Another game I would like to try is Darkspore. Have you tried it? And if you have, share your experience!

Oh btw, a teacher at school have asked me to be in our advertisement movie. Seems like we've hired a video producer and he already made some research on me (!!) and also checked this blog so here goes a message for you Mr. Video producer: I'm glad that you find my blog interesting! What I've heard, this dude would like to ask some questions 'bout gaming and blogs. Wow, GAMEcore and this advertisement movie... AND I HAVEN'T EVEN GOT A BACKGROUND IMAGE. qwiyde80qwhdnhqpbl!! qq

You like this text

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Well heyooo! I recevied the questions and have now answered them, so hopefully the article will be up soon.
Haven't played a lot since there's a shit load of things to do before school's out.

And gah, I want an awesome blog background image. ))))))):

100 k please!

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So, I've been in game at ToP for some days now in one of my friend's guild. It's pretty nice to get to know new people and meet old friends and other players that recognizes you. I haven't been active during events altho', I guess that'll come if I find it interesting to be active in this maller game.

I was in the town called Argent in game today and dhqoiwdhqui!! Players spamming "100k" everywhere, trading you or other players that apparently looks "rich". For real, why all that spam? I think that we get it the first, the second AND the third time. Sure thang that you can help those players with some fair amount of money but hey, some of them doesn't even say thanks! And then they KEEP spamming. Gah! But it's really nice if they appreciate your help afterwards. <3

By experience, what's the most annoying thing that you have bumped in to in game?

Payed a visit

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I downloaded ToP (Tales of Pirates Online) before, just to pay a visit. I can tell you that there are MANY new players but I also saw some old friends that were in game. I quit this game for about 3 years ago.

This game was my first mmorpg ever and took up a very big part of my life. I've met a lot of new and very good friends from this game and some of them I've even seen IRL. I had a lot to learn; what are skills for? How do I use them? How can I make my weapon glow? What kind of build should I have? Seriously, playing this game was a lot of fun and I experienced the online gaming world and all of what that brings. Somehow, I made it to something that most of mmo gamers would like to; a place in the elite guild. Oh dayuum it was so much fun and hard work. Mazes, bosses, enemies, new friends, rewards. It was something huge and I remember how we respected eachother and we were like a family.
Unfortunately, the guild lost its capacity and "elite" mark when drama took place and some of the best leaders decided to quit. After a time, I was done with all the drama and shit going on and left the game, to come back after some months to play with them again. That happened twice and I felt that I didn't enjoy this game anymore. A lot of friends had quit, great guild members and elite players left. The game owner made it easy for everyone to get strong by selling things that you've worked your ass off to get in game, in an item mall. Of course there were people wasting a huge amount of money on gears.

Aegis was the name of the guild and is now disbanded. It'll always be the top elite guild in Mermaid server. At least for me and many other players. I miss it sometimes and it's too bad it turned out like this. I got many new and awesome friends. Not to mention all the memories together with them and my guild, and all the experience.

So, tell me about your first experience (if you've had any) with a mmorpg. How was it and did you learn something?

Very impressive title

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I've received the questions and will answer them soon! Hopefully this will bring more attention to my blog because honestly, the statitics of how many views I got each day makes it look like a rollercoaster. Altho' rollercoasters are funny indeed!
Right now, my friend is whispering and yawning on Skype. Poor dude, he should head in bed. He's breathing into his microphone too. o_Ô''

Oh yeah! I also asked one of my teachers whom is responsible of the school's market council if he maybe wanted to put my blog on the school's website. He thought it was a great idea and apparently he likes my idea of this blog, happy girl is happy!

- I think he fell asleep. o,o

What about the ranking system, does anyone know?

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I was discussing with a classmate about the ranking system in League or Legends and dafuk!? Are they gonna reset everyone's ranking or not? I did read that they'll reset the top teams in each region when season 2 comes out.

So, does anyone know the answer? This is a pretty good chance for low elo players to get a better score tho' but c'mon, I did just start to play ranked games ))))))))))))): Oh well, practicing is always good oh yeah!


While writing this post I wrote "about" wrong TWICE. Silly girl I am! I thought that you guys wanted to know that.

300! Yeaaah

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Heyo, sup?
Been busy playing some LoL and tried to reach 300 wins and now I'm there! Gratz to me yay. Anyways, I would like to try out Portal 2, what do you guys think about it? Is it better to play Portal 1 before the second game because I haven't played the first one. Actually I didn't know what kind of game it was before Portal 2 came out so there's a lot of new things in this game for me.

Do you like cookies? I like cookies. What kind of cookies do you like to eat while playing your favourite game?