Reminder: Clean your keyboard!

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I decided to clean my keyboard because most of you guys know that keyboards love to collect dust and other... stuff. I really recommend you guys to clean out your keyboard once in a while because even if you can't see it that well, there are yuck below the keys that you probably don't want to have there.
For you guys who haven't done it or who doesn't know how to do it, you just pull out the different keys and try to clean out the surface below as much as you can. I use air duster which is pure, compressed dry gas and then I just use some kind of cloth to clean off the keys.

I realized that I had some problems putting back space bar; it didn't wanna work properly afterwards. I'll show you how to put it back at the right place if you don't know how to do it already!

Pull out the key, now I'm just showing how to do it on the right bottom Ctrl.

Move the metal part so it looks like this

Now attach the small metal hooks into the plastic parts at the far left and right side of the area.

After attaching the hooks, lightly lift the space bar upwards so the metal part looks like this.

Click the space bar into the right position


Here are some before and after pictures of my keyboard!

After some air duster, a much more clean surface beneath the keys!

So, this is a small reminder that your keyboard also needs some love and care, especially if you smash your pimples by facerolling it. ;)