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During the Steam sales I bought a lot of different games but the one that I really liked the most was Audiosurf.
Audiosurf is a music-adapting puzzle racer and each ride is determined by the song you choose. The ride will go faster if you choose a faster song and you can choose if you want the song to go even faster with something called iron mode and that will take your ride to another level!
You can download songs from the Audiosurf Radio but you can also pick a song that you already have on your computer! There are achievements too for you guys who'd like to complete those.
I really like music games, before I started to play Tales of Pirates I played the well known Guitar Hero and from time to time I also play StepMania so I really enjoy music games and it's always funny to try to beat your own highscore or a friend's highscore. Let's not forget to complete a song too, of course. I like the whole idea to see how fast you can dodge blocks or hit the right keys at the same time that you're playing some awesome song. Excercising your fingers and see how fast they are, or something like that eh... But yeah! Concentration and how fast do you react? Challenge yourself!
There are a lot of different music games some of them on arcade machines and Dance Dance Revolution is one of the most popular one where you dance and gosh, I've seen some reaaaaally fast footsteps I tell you that...

I also bought Beat Hazard but haven't tried it out yet. Beat Hazard is another music game but the same time it's an arcade shooter game, also determined on what songs you choose to play. As I've seen and heard it has some crazy light effects.
What do you think about music games? Leave a comment and stay tuned!

Here's an Audiosurf video. Ninjo mono (elite) and iron mode on. This is NOT me playing


  • Animas säger:

    I tried the demo for audiosurf a few days ago. It's a pretty sweet game and I like how you can play your own songs without any hassle. Most other musicgames I play is restriced to their songs or you have to sit there for like 5 hours fixing the game just so it can play it.

    2011-12-29 | 22:10:14
  • Joel R säger:

    om de är musik spel som du vill ha så finns de mängder där ute men dem som jag kan rekommendera är Stepmania eller "Osu!" riktiga roliga spel

    2011-12-30 | 04:03:28
  • JW Photography ♥ säger:

    sv; du är en söt tjej! :* hihi tack :)

    2011-12-30 | 17:03:00

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