Playstation vs X-BOX

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Forgot to tell you guys about a competition held by GAMEX (it's some kind of big game event here in Sweden) that I participated in. You could win a Ziperall/One Piece in special brand by Playstation. So, what you had to do was to answer which game that would launch at the same time as GAMEX was held and also, why you should win this special Playstation brand Ziperall.

I won! So I picked a pink one. They might not look that sexy (in another thought... they don't look sexy) but dayuum they're comfortable. Seriously! I could tell you guys that it's a perfect clothing to use when it's a little bit colder. It has fleece inside so it gets pretty hot in it, if it's a sunny day. I picked one size too big and they're really big, but I'm pretty satisfied with the size since I'm just wearing it when I'm in a cozy mood. Perhaps in some cool game events too.

Some people likes Playstation better than X-Box or the other way 'round. In my opinion, role playing games and fighting games are better on Playstation than X-Box, but that's just me and what I've snatched up. I mean, I've played Tekken, Guitar Hero, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts on Playstation. Meanwhile, I think that X-box is a really great console for fps games. I've heard and seen friends play games like Call of Duty and Battlefield Bad Company 2 on it. I'm not too familiar with X-Box and the latest Playstation console I own is Playstation 2 but as far as I know, I got it pretty right between those two.

So, share your own thoughts and experience about those two gaming consoles. Which one do you prefer for different kind of games? Do you have a favourite between those two?