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So, my team and I have competed in the OpenCup Europe League of Legends tournament and every team got divided into 8 Groups in 4 different Leagues. Then you had to play against the one's in the same team as you. So... we scored second place in our group which means that we didn't qualify for the EuroCup (where you can win money) but we did qualify for another OpenCup where you can win Riot points.
Although, we didn't got to play against the other teams that much, actually 2 games out of 4 since 2 of them didn't show up so we won by no show.

I'm curious about you guys. Do you have any kind of experience of a tournament? Share!


  • Sogo säger:

    So, i've been wondering... how to enter a tournment? I m in lvl 30 and all but i have no frickin idea how to enter a tournament ): please tell!

    2011-10-23 | 16:38:03
  • Cat säger:

    Well first of all, pay attention to news. Riot use to announce when there's a bigger tournament that you can participate in. You can always look in the forums and join different communitys where they hold cups. Go4LoL every Sunday. (: I think that entering a tournament is a great opportunity to improve your skills at another level.

    2011-10-23 | 19:54:17

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