DreamHack Winter 2011 - Here I come!

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It seems like DreamHack Winter 2011 will get a lot of visitors, me included. I'll go there with my team and some other friends and I'm really excited about it. As some of you guys know I went to DreamHack Summer 2011 and I had a lot of fun and did learn to know some new friends. The atmosphere was great with awesome music and gamers everywhere. I really missed that place when I came home and I think it's great that this event is twice a year.
I also think that they did have good food over there. You could choose between the regular LAN food as pizza or food like fish, wook, meat and so on in the different restaurants. Also you could buy fruit, candies, different sodas, coffee, tea and sandwiches in another store over there. Altho', even more variety wouldn't hurt! I ate at the restaurant twice and wok... 2-3 times. The noodles for the wok was out so they picked regular pasta instead, that was... alright. The sandwiches were great especially when you wanted to eat real breakfast.

It doesn't seem like Riot is going there though which is pretty boo in my opinion, but oh well!

Have you guys ever been to a big LAN party and if not would you like to?
Do you have some great memories from a LAN? Share share share!


  • Niho säger:

    This is one of my good memories!

    Mind that this is a very old video..

    2011-10-24 | 15:58:19
  • TheNorthFace säger:

    This post is really very interesting. I like this type of post. I will share this type of information with my friends. They will also like it very much. Thank you

    2011-10-25 | 09:24:01
  • Runner säger:

    Niho i must ask how old are you and your friends??

    2011-10-26 | 23:15:17
  • Anonym säger:

    Klart som fan!

    2011-10-27 | 20:19:50

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