w00t, found a Nintendo 64... when throwing out trash!

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For a couple of weeks ago I was down to the central waste collection room (soprum) with my big sister to throw some garbage when I heard her say "There's a Nintendo 64 over here".
WOOSH! And there it was, a Nintendo 64 with 3 hand controls and a game "Mario Party 2".
I picked it up and took it with me home, figured out that I atleast could see if it still worked and yepp! Everything worked fine. So right now I have 2 Nintendo 64 at home.

I mean, they don't make those consoles anymore and it's too bad to just throw'em away if they work fine. I might sell the Nintendo 64 I found to someone that would like to have one!

The Nintendo 64 with hand controls and Mario Party 2.

Next update: Cleaning with friends and SVT/UR!


  • Chris säger:

    Why would anyone throw one of those out x.x

    2011-11-20 | 21:34:59
  • Dennis säger:

    Caaaaaaaaaaaaat hur mkt????

    2011-11-20 | 21:36:27
  • Robert säger:

    hon får nog hålla en budgivning, många köpare ;)

    (bla. jag :P)

    men sant. vem fan slänger ett nintendo64 <.<... noob föräldrar alltså.

    2011-11-20 | 23:05:07

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