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Hey hey hey!

I haven't shared this to you guys yet but during this week SVT, which is the Swedish Television will come and follow me during a day or two for a program they're going to make about media and games. I met the producent through DreamHack's Facebook where he was asking for any girl gamer in a WoW clan or that likes e-sports so I took the chance to send him a message. I'm looking forward to meet the team and to participate in this program. They'll probably even come along to DreamHack, perhaps keeping me company on the train hahah!

Stay tuned!


  • Dennis säger:

    Sounds pretty damn awesome, where can we see the show? :D

    2011-11-14 | 13:44:00
  • david huang säger:


    2011-11-14 | 20:37:31
  • Linus säger:

    When will they broadcast the show?

    2011-11-17 | 19:29:47
  • Cat säger:

    They'll broadcast it next year, perhaps fall 2012. (:

    2011-11-18 | 10:01:36

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