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y0 guys,

Guess what? I actually contacted Omer from and also got to ask some questions, got to know him better (he be mah awesome cool friend, wow!) and got to participate in one of his videos. does a lot of great reviews on free to play games and I think that most of you guys recognizes it, if not be sure to check out

So, it all started with a message on YouTube which I asked him if he would like to answer some questions for an interview and I got pretty surprised and happy that he answered quickly with a yes and some ideas! We decided to start chit chatting on Skype and then play a game League of Legends together and I can tell ya' that he's a really funny and an awesome person. I really enjoyed our conversation and there was a lot of laughter. Since Omer plays on the North American server I decided to borrow a friend's account. Dayuum that 200+ ping. Well anyways it didn't surprise me that while in game, people were asking him if he was the "real Remotay" which he answered "no". "I always say that I'm not the real Remotay!" he told me.

- And yes, he does talk pretty fast and a lot but hey, that's charming!

So Omer, what made you start to do all those reviews?
I didn't think that there were many communities out there which made good reviews on free to play games so that's why I started!

Which one is your favourite review you have ever done?

The most funniest one I've ever done is this one:

How many installed games do you actually have on your computer?
I use to delete most of the "bad" games and keep the one's I like to play, so right now around 30!

What do you prefer eating or drinking while playing?

The typical gaming drink like energy drinks and ramen! Nuts can be good too.

What type of gaming gears are you using?
Keyboard is a cheap one for around 25 bucks and then I use a 40 dollar headset by Razor, "the green one". (He didn't remember the name of the headset) I use Razor Death Adder as gaming mouse.

Battlefield vs. Call of Duty?

Battlefield, I've played a lot of Battlefield 1942, it's a great game! Have you tried it? (Well, I haven't so here comes the part where he sighes at me lol)

X-Box vs. Playstation
[Insert Omer talking about the differences between PS and X-Box and that he doesn't really know because they're both good bla bla]... If I had to choose it would be X-Box!

I really have to ask you, how can you talk so much?
Hahahah, well I don't prepare anything when recording all the reviews. I guess I just think out loud!

Guys, be sure to check out! Don't forget to Comment, leave questions and such on this post so that Omer perhaps could answer them.

And another thing, no I won't be giving out any contact information or tell him to add you or accept your friend invites so you don't have to bother asking me that. It's up to him!

Stay tuned!


  • Todde säger:

    nice XD

    2011-11-02 | 16:25:38
  • Anonym säger:

    Never played BattleField 1942?! SHAME ON YOU!

    2011-11-06 | 15:29:36
  • david säger:

    hey^^ yeah kind of nice, but he kind of slow with free mmorpg sometimes threre show a new mmoprg "sponser" but i use this webbside most

    come on play bf2!!!

    ofc battlefield it´s better then call of duty it´s more like new things but call of duty aren´t bad either both game are diffrent but when bf3 come out there are too many BUGS.... call of duty don´t have much bugs as bf3.

    i wanted play bf3 but always telling me "time out" i hope they fix it fast and i can see there are a lot of bugs ingame too... hope they fix it but singplayer are great^^ grafic its too great

    BTW who want joi my helicopter o.o:P?

    2011-11-10 | 18:38:57
  • david huang säger:

    orka.. well don´t think ill winning thats trynda skin anyways picking 1 or 2 people maybe all of 50+ try thier best to get its still like 1-2% for winning this skin and spending time for nothing....

    2011-11-11 | 16:39:52

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