HANDING OUT: Tryndamere + skin! Spread my blog

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Hey hey hey!

I'm gonna hand out one code that gives you the champion Tryndamere (if you don't already have him) and his skin Viking Tryndamere but only if You help me out with one thing first. So now you might wondering what I want You to do to get the chance of getting this code. Let's see it as a goal!

What You need to do
I would like you to spread my blog so I get 50+ daily visitors every day during 12 days. If I get around 50 or more visitors during those days I'll hand out a code. If this blog doesn't get around 50 daily visitors I'll not be handing out the code, at least for now.
So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends to visit this blog to get a chance to win this awesome faceroll champion and a skin! Who knows, I maybe pick TWO winners which means that I'll be handing out 2 codes!

Starts: Tomorrow Friday November 11th
Ends: Wednesday November 23rd

How do I pick the winner?
I'll write a new update Thursday November 24th, the first day of DreamHack Winter 2011. You'll then need to comment the post with your first and last name, don't forget to add your email! I'll during DreamHack present the winner in a video blog.

Pics or it didn't happen!


  • Chris säger:

    I Demand more pictures! ;p

    2011-11-10 | 23:48:11
  • Amine säger:

    The people demands it! Give it to them!

    2011-11-10 | 23:49:41
  • david huang säger:


    2011-11-11 | 16:40:41
  • The Curator säger:

    Untill now i have reffered ur blog to 17 of my friends ! :D

    2011-11-11 | 18:29:13
  • Anonym säger:

    uuuh söt .-:

    2011-11-14 | 14:15:26
  • aAa säger:


    2011-11-16 | 14:46:14

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