DreamHack Winter 2011 - Day 3 and more pictures

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SUP GUYS!??! A lot of great music is playing right now and there are some nice light shows too. I have a video blog for you guys but I'mma have to charge the video camera and such so I'll upload'em asap! Meanwhile, some pictures:

My seat at DreamHack and my new mouse pad! Razer Goliathus

Me and Nicklas working on the video blog

Me and the TV team; Svante, Adam and Affe

Viktor - Our awesome jungler in Fight And Qualify (FAQ)

Nicklas - Our awesome AP carry in Fight And Qualify (FAQ)

Robert - Friend of mine that I met at DH Summer 2011! He borrowed me a computer screen since mine weights a bit too much

Fanny - Woop woop girl! She and I have been VIP to Intels VIP section

You could try out the new FPS game Blacklight Retribution at the Intel VIP section. It's closed BETA and I do have keys for it!

Stay tuned and don't forget to watch my livestream and visit this blog!


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