What about the ranking system, does anyone know?

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I was discussing with a classmate about the ranking system in League or Legends and dafuk!? Are they gonna reset everyone's ranking or not? I did read that they'll reset the top teams in each region when season 2 comes out.

So, does anyone know the answer? This is a pretty good chance for low elo players to get a better score tho' but c'mon, I did just start to play ranked games ))))))))))))): Oh well, practicing is always good oh yeah!


While writing this post I wrote "about" wrong TWICE. Silly girl I am! I thought that you guys wanted to know that.


  • Victor V säger:

    Jag vet att rankingen kommer resetas snart igen så att alla spelare får nya chanser att ta sig högre upp i ranking <3 ;)

    2011-05-05 | 19:01:21
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