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I downloaded ToP (Tales of Pirates Online) before, just to pay a visit. I can tell you that there are MANY new players but I also saw some old friends that were in game. I quit this game for about 3 years ago.

This game was my first mmorpg ever and took up a very big part of my life. I've met a lot of new and very good friends from this game and some of them I've even seen IRL. I had a lot to learn; what are skills for? How do I use them? How can I make my weapon glow? What kind of build should I have? Seriously, playing this game was a lot of fun and I experienced the online gaming world and all of what that brings. Somehow, I made it to something that most of mmo gamers would like to; a place in the elite guild. Oh dayuum it was so much fun and hard work. Mazes, bosses, enemies, new friends, rewards. It was something huge and I remember how we respected eachother and we were like a family.
Unfortunately, the guild lost its capacity and "elite" mark when drama took place and some of the best leaders decided to quit. After a time, I was done with all the drama and shit going on and left the game, to come back after some months to play with them again. That happened twice and I felt that I didn't enjoy this game anymore. A lot of friends had quit, great guild members and elite players left. The game owner made it easy for everyone to get strong by selling things that you've worked your ass off to get in game, in an item mall. Of course there were people wasting a huge amount of money on gears.

Aegis was the name of the guild and is now disbanded. It'll always be the top elite guild in Mermaid server. At least for me and many other players. I miss it sometimes and it's too bad it turned out like this. I got many new and awesome friends. Not to mention all the memories together with them and my guild, and all the experience.

So, tell me about your first experience (if you've had any) with a mmorpg. How was it and did you learn something?


  • Cyruz säger:

    I remember my first MMORPG game was Tibia, followed by Silkroad.

    A couple of months ago I decided to create a new character and find out how Tibia turned out. It was not really the Tibia I remember, Tibia had kind of lost the touch that made it so memorable for me. Anyways, I had some fun the few months I played the game but I wish it went back to be client 6.0 that I at first had played.

    2011-05-08 | 02:03:22
  • Fredrik säger:

    Tibia --> Ragnarok Online --> WoW

    From Tibia I learned that people online are inherently evil. From RO I learned that American people are inherently talkative and kind. From WoW I learned that I can't play a MMORPG and still get top grades in school =)

    2011-05-08 | 12:15:41
  • Justus säger:

    Jeah my first mmorpg was tibia too.

    Was so cool to see that huge world and those lots of players, and that you stil could have so much fun playing this not too good graphical game, just because the playstyle was so awesum and you just had everything you needed for a good game.

    Its now more then 8 years ago... And it's still installed on my comp and sometimes i am taking a visit...

    But these days you can die to lvl 30's with your lvl 80 char... just cause they are totaly ganking you with a group of 10 people ...

    And all the German servers are now ruled by those polish guys...

    I have nor problems with them ... but they had some with the germans... they haunted every1 of us till we stopped playing ...

    But still .. when i listen to those songs i listened often in the time when i played it ... i can remember glorious days... When we raided some Demons.. and Dragons ...

    Still the best MMORPG on world... And i tryed nearly every one of them ..

    But its always the same with the free ones, if you don't pay after some time you won't get further anymore ...

    I spent like 100 EUR for tibia...

    Later i Played Requiem... totaly awesum game ... best after tibia i think ...

    And there i spent about 180EUR ...

    so if u want to play MMORPGs dont go for the free ones ... cuz in the end its more expensive..

    cya :)

    2011-05-08 | 13:54:55

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