Darkspore, Guild Wars 2 and advertisement movie

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So yeaaaah, been busy in school. Bare with me. (Actually, I'm in school right now, teehee!) Thank you for your comments tho'! I'll try my best to keep up with updating this oh-so-awesome blog. Because you're worth it (oh so cliché...)
Anyways, my friends told me to get Guild Wars 2 when it's released and it actually looks awesome. I'm considering to buy it. Another game I would like to try is Darkspore. Have you tried it? And if you have, share your experience!

Oh btw, a teacher at school have asked me to be in our advertisement movie. Seems like we've hired a video producer and he already made some research on me (!!) and also checked this blog so here goes a message for you Mr. Video producer: I'm glad that you find my blog interesting! What I've heard, this dude would like to ask some questions 'bout gaming and blogs. Wow, GAMEcore and this advertisement movie... AND I HAVEN'T EVEN GOT A BACKGROUND IMAGE. qwiyde80qwhdnhqpbl!! qq


  • Teeck säger:

    Darkspore is awesome, buy it! It's really worth it.

    2011-05-26 | 15:04:42
  • Nurgle säger:

    Väntar på någon cool uppdatering :C

    2011-06-02 | 01:00:48

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