300! Yeaaah

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Heyo, sup?
Been busy playing some LoL and tried to reach 300 wins and now I'm there! Gratz to me yay. Anyways, I would like to try out Portal 2, what do you guys think about it? Is it better to play Portal 1 before the second game because I haven't played the first one. Actually I didn't know what kind of game it was before Portal 2 came out so there's a lot of new things in this game for me.

Do you like cookies? I like cookies. What kind of cookies do you like to eat while playing your favourite game?


  • Anonym säger:


    2011-05-03 | 01:34:41
  • Henke säger:

    Börjat spela LoL och kan säga att det är askul, även fast du inte frågade efter det :P.

    Och Portal 2. Dear god så awesome det är... Du måste testa det åtminstone :D

    2011-05-03 | 03:29:46
  • Nils M säger:

    I luvz cookies, especially gingerbread cookies! Them so yummy. On a related note to your post, THIS IS SPARTAAAAH!

    2011-05-03 | 07:57:41
  • JOey säger:

    300, thats a milestone!!!!!

    I'm not sure about portal 2, not my type. play nazi zoombie, best game ever!!!!!

    P.S chocolate chip cookie is awesome, i make cookie for a living......

    2011-05-03 | 10:57:28

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