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So, I've been in game at ToP for some days now in one of my friend's guild. It's pretty nice to get to know new people and meet old friends and other players that recognizes you. I haven't been active during events altho', I guess that'll come if I find it interesting to be active in this maller game.

I was in the town called Argent in game today and dhqoiwdhqui!! Players spamming "100k" everywhere, trading you or other players that apparently looks "rich". For real, why all that spam? I think that we get it the first, the second AND the third time. Sure thang that you can help those players with some fair amount of money but hey, some of them doesn't even say thanks! And then they KEEP spamming. Gah! But it's really nice if they appreciate your help afterwards. <3

By experience, what's the most annoying thing that you have bumped in to in game?


  • Victor V säger:

    I fully agree the most anoying thing is spammers you cant excape them because they just go like hey, logg off and make a new char and keep spamming .. so damn anoying.

    2011-05-11 | 23:29:04
  • Luan säger:

    Its kinda annoying these people that spam you, trade you, etc. I never did it and never malled, and i'm strong now.

    I used to help some of them but, like you said, you help and they just go away, without saying thanks, then i stopped -_-

    2011-05-11 | 23:53:50
  • Nils M säger:

    Tards who don't know their place in a group. definately.

    2011-05-25 | 14:35:04

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