FPS games makes me dizzy

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I bought this game called Sanctum, which is a fps and tower defense game. I've tried it now and it's pretty cool. Althought, I need to get used to fps games, I always get so dizzy... Just like when I tried out Call of Duty 4 for the first time. Dang, I felt like I ate something bad.
Anyways, this game is pretty cheap, around 15 euro and you can play co-op together with friends and such, which is pretty nice! If you get it, let me know and we can shoot'em mobs away from our core!

Have you ever experienced that you feel ill or something when you've been playing games?


  • Nurgle säger:

    Just to be international and awesome I'll take this in english. :D

    There was a FPS back in the day called Disruptor. AWESOME GAME (back then), the only problem was that the gun "waved" back and forth on the screen, and you ended up getting seasick from that movement. xD

    As seen here:

    2011-06-03 | 01:04:30
  • bengt säger:

    The seasickness comes from not sitting in theright position relative to the screen. What happens is that every 3d game has an optimum distance, and if you're not at the right place, your brain gets bad data about how walls etc should move, so it has to recalculate all the time. Find the right spot and you should be golden.

    2011-10-04 | 16:30:49
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