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y0y0 guys!

Sup? How ya'll been doing lately? I know that I haven't updated the blog in a while but now I'm doing it! Creds to me, yeah I know, thank you. Seriously, some of you mentioned to me that you like my blog so hey! I can't let you guys down so I feel much more motivated to write when people actually read.
So, I got three interesting updates coming up, the first one about my own team in League of Legends Nordic & East; Fight and Qualify, the second one about what happens if you're a gal and writes somewhere in a game community and the third one will be this one: Headset and voice communication.

Something that's really annoying in my opinion is when you're playing with dudes that you know got a fully working headset/microphone and all that shiz, but doesn't use it. Well of course you got those times when you're pissed off and angry against everyone or anything that moves (or not moves, like destroying your computer gears) and just too annoyed or sad to talk. But the one's saying "I'm listening to music, hurr durr" or "I'm too lazy to plug in my headset"... Dafuk?! Well, okay fine. You know, it'll help your team mates out if they want to communicate with you. It does take some time to write in a chat meanwhile running from a huge beast trying to hump your ass in game. What I'm trying to say is that voice communication in game is really good. Not necessary but it's very helpful for both you and your team mates. What's your own thoughts about it?


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