Fight and Qualify

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As I mentioned in the previous post I'm going to talk about my team Fight and Qualify.
When Riot decided to split the Europan League of Legends server, most of the top team went to EU West. Right now, I can't really say that there's a top team in the Nordic & East server. So, I wanted to make my own clan, or team and try to get there with them.
We're just getting started but with some pretty nice contacts and friends the team already got 2 supports; NärCon, one of the biggest conventions in Scandinavia and Highscore Sweden, a community which updates the readers about new games and such.
Fight and Qualify will try to reach our goal: to be one of the top teams in EU Nordic & East. But there are something that we keep in mind while doing this.
We value two of the most important things in the team; to remember that it's just a game and enjoy it and focus on teamplay.
We just started, and it might take a while. You could call this an idea, a kind of project. I hope that you guys are with me and my team in this!
I'll livestream from time to time and also, if you're interested in playing with us, feel free to send an application! All information can be found at I'll post the livestream link in another post.


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