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In the last post some dude commented and was pretty interested in games such as Starcraft II and World of Warcraft and requested more posts about P2P games (Pay 2 Play). I try out games that I think looks funny but I wouldn't mind trying out games if you guys are requesting it, or at least see if anyone else that's already playing the game can tell us more about it! As some of you guys may already know, my sister wrote a post about Zelda Skyward Sword in this blog.
I also have a request to interview Husky, a commentator for SC2 and my plan is to see if I can get in touch with him.

So my question to you guys is what would you like to read/see more of in my blog?

Aw, Sion really got some green hands over there. Planting wards all over.


  • Dennis säger:

    I would like you to play some DotA 2 and get me a beta key D:

    Oh and play LoL with us on east still :3

    2011-12-15 | 00:01:14
  • Dennis säger:

    Ao Oni, try it, be scared! :D

    2011-12-15 | 00:06:58
  • Anonym säger:

    How about some RPG and RTS reviews and if you're up for it, do some FPS too! Put some rating on them and tell us whats you like and dont like about the game. :)

    Post gameplay videos of some games that you recommend too. :)

    2011-12-15 | 00:23:53
  • jenny säger:

    Du borde prova spelet Divinity 2, det är ett super bra och kul spel! Skriv vad du tycker om det! :)

    2011-12-15 | 10:14:01
  • Blondie säger:

    i so agree with Dennis . Play East... (;

    2011-12-15 | 16:46:34
  • Blondie säger:

    i would enjoy reading about myself aswell <3


    Sup Cattie u pro ass LoL Gamer... :b

    2011-12-17 | 18:58:02
  • Emil Hörndahl säger:

    Skulle jättegärna vilja se lite Amnesia 2! :D

    Och mer av League Of Legends! :D

    Och nej.. SPELA PÅ WEST FÖR FAN!

    2011-12-19 | 20:34:59

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