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Hey hey hey!

Did you guys enjoy the last post? I did! Really looking forward to try out Skyward Sword myself, although I'm not even done with Twilight Princess (the previous Zelda game).
While at DreamHack I was VIP to Intel's section for 2 days and you had the chance to try out the closed BETA game Blacklight Retribution there. It's a FPS game published by Perfect World.

Some of you guys know that I don't really enjoy playing FPS since I feel like throwing up just after some minutes and when I tried it out at DreamHack I stopped "in time" since I didn't wanna feel ill. I got myself some BETA keys and have now been playing it a bit home and HURRAY, I'm starting to get used to FPS.

The game is beautiful and has some amazing graphics for being a soon to come, free 2 play game. It doesn't really surprise me though, if you guys have been trying out Perfect World, then you should know how great the graphics are. One thing that's pretty boo at the BETA fase is that the European server isn't available so for some people that doesn't have the best internet connection, it might lag a bit.

Log in screen

Screenshot of the main menu and your character (this was a friend of mine)

In game

Settings and such


Are you interested in playing Blacklight Retribution with me and other BETA players? Then comment and write suggestions and ideas for this blog and if I like it you'll most likely get a key! Phase 3 ends December 15th so be fast! Don't forget to include your email or number in the post.


  • Dennis säger:

    Hai Cat!

    En sak du skulle kunna göra, är att fixa så man kan bläddra vidare istället för att ha alla post när man scrollar ner, då blir scroll grejen så liten så att jag iaf scrollar as fort när jag drar i den. :3

    2011-12-06 | 12:15:05
  • Nac0n säger:

    Looks like every fps there is, combined.

    2011-12-06 | 12:38:59
  • Amine säger:

    I HAS A KEY! IN YER FACE! But no really, arrigato gosamous! Xie xie ni! :3

    2011-12-06 | 13:37:22

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