DreamHack Winter 2011 - Day 1 and livestream

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Hey guys!

As you know, I'm at DreamHack right now and I'm running around taking a lot of pictures and I'm livestreaming too! Be sure to check out if you want to see what's happening on DreamHack.

Stay tuned for more pictures, videos and other goodies!


  • Avil säger:

    Live stream är offline...

    2011-11-24 | 16:58:54
  • david huang säger:

    haha awesome no life stream are online :D, but a bit bad quality:P

    2011-11-24 | 17:45:08
  • Daniel säger:

    Well, big guy, uh, you can bring my friend! he looks like this he sits on the D: 54 17 have black hair. wake him with a kiss or hug. just so he'd be surprised

    2011-11-26 | 10:07:13

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