DreamHack - Day one and League of Legends World Tournament

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I decided to bring with me my computer and computer screen (which weights 9kg's). I can tell you that I got some nice help from two other dudes on the same train that were going to DreamHack too. So, now I'm sitting here with 9 (oh well one of'em is sleeping) of my buddies and I can tell you that it's awesome at DreamHack! I've met some dudes from the Riot team but been talking with Phreak and Nika, they're really adorable! Also, Riot has a "spinn to win"-wheel where you can win RP, stickers, tattoo's or yell "DEMACIA!". Hahah, very interesting but I haven't got any RP, only stickers boo! And guys, yes I got Viking Tryndamere and Riot Singed now. Jelly?
They're having the League of Legends World Tournament going on right now and it's going really well for CLG! It'll be fun to see who's going to be the World Champions.
Me and my team FAQ - Fight And Qualify will participate in the World Cyber Games tournament here at DreamHack and I got to know for some hours ago that the check in day is tomorrow and the tournament is in two days. So that means a lot of practice! What do we win? The winning team will represent Sweden at the Grand Finals in South Korea later this year. I really hope that it'll go well for us.
I'll post pictures asap, right now I'm waiting for some of my team to finish their game so we can start to practice.

Do you guys have any questions to Phreak or Nika? Let me know and I'll ask'em!


  • Mikaels bror säger:

    Kan du fråga Phreak hur det här spectator systemet egentligen kommer funka? Har dom tänkt på riskerna med det, till exempel om dom har tänkt på att en kompis till någon i motståndarlaget kan spectate mitt game och berätta vad mitt lag gör?

    2011-06-18 | 21:45:02
  • Nurgle säger:

    Du får allt göra ett saftigt inlägg med hur det gick med spelandet sen! ^^


    2011-06-20 | 02:23:54

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