GUEST: The adventure begins...

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So, here comes the long awaited post from the sis.

I started playing Zelda Ocarina of Time when I was about 14 and Cat was like 5. She sat by my side for hours, just watching while I was playing. So the gaming started. :)

The last Zelda I played was Twilight Princess which was amazing. I had high expectations of Skyward Sword (SS) and have been waiting for a long time for it to come. So, finally, a couple of days ago it arrived.

I bought the Limited Edition Gold Wii Remote Bundle through It was dispatched Nov 16, but didn't arrive until Nov 28th which was a bit too long in my opinion. But, it was shipped for free and cost just under £50 (530 SEK), which is almost half the price in comparison with e g Swedish Webhallen. The bundle included the game, a golden wii remote as well as a cd with orchestra versions of classic Zelda music.

The wii gold remote looks great, and it has wii motionplus, which is necessary for this game. The wiimote follows the exact move of the hand, you can turn the blade in any direction and Link will do exactly the same. You have to fight more strategic because of this, since some of the enemies only can be killed with a certain stab.

I have been playing for approx. 5-6 hours at the moment, so I'm only at the beginning. The game is already exciting, I can feel my heart pounding when entering new areas (can you imagine how it will feel when I will meet the first boss). The graphics is good, a bit better than TP. One thing that is new is that Link cannot run/climb/fight for more than a few seconds, he will get exausted and need to rest (thus making him vulnerable against enemies).  That annoys me a bit, but hopefully I will learn how to live with it.

So, this is all for now, I will get you some updates along the way, and don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions about the game or any interesting fact about my sis. ;)

GUEST: My sister and Zelda Skyward Sword!

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Hey hey!

So, my sister ordered the new Zelda game with some extra pretty bling bling wii mote and will write a bit about the game and such in the next update. Pictures included of course.

Stay tuned!

PICTURES: Topless dude's, wtf!!?? And more

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Hey hey! So here are some more pictures from DreamHack but first I'mma summarize the whole event.
I had a great time and it's always so cosy to be there, I mean a lot of computers, gamers and great music everywhere, that's just awesome! I do think that the opening was a bit too short even tho' it was good but it could've been better. Our seats were great, awesome neigbours and the last night was crazy! I got to have topless dudes running around with me.

'nuff said, DreamHack was awesome.

Viktor - We had a deal that the one who fell asleep in front of the computer would get a tattoo on his/her face

The stage

D Hall

Awesome laser shows!

Awesome laser shows again!

Ludwig and Alexander - Our great "neighbours" <3

Samuel, William, Ludwig and Alexander - <3's

Awesome DreamHack pplz!


Bitch please...


Back from DreamHack Winter 2011!

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Hey guys,

It was an awesome event yet again. I got a lot of videos/pictures and such to go through and I'm really tired right now. I'll post some of'em tomorrow instead since I just wanna head in bed right now lol.
Look forward to tune in tomorrow for more pictures (including topless dudes and other). You know you want to.

Nighty night, sleep tight!

DreamHack Winter 2011 - Day 3 and more pictures

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SUP GUYS!??! A lot of great music is playing right now and there are some nice light shows too. I have a video blog for you guys but I'mma have to charge the video camera and such so I'll upload'em asap! Meanwhile, some pictures:

My seat at DreamHack and my new mouse pad! Razer Goliathus

Me and Nicklas working on the video blog

Me and the TV team; Svante, Adam and Affe

Viktor - Our awesome jungler in Fight And Qualify (FAQ)

Nicklas - Our awesome AP carry in Fight And Qualify (FAQ)

Robert - Friend of mine that I met at DH Summer 2011! He borrowed me a computer screen since mine weights a bit too much

Fanny - Woop woop girl! She and I have been VIP to Intels VIP section

You could try out the new FPS game Blacklight Retribution at the Intel VIP section. It's closed BETA and I do have keys for it!

Stay tuned and don't forget to watch my livestream and visit this blog!

DreamHack Winter 2011 - Day 1 lots of pictures

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It's around 5.15 AM here in Sweden at DreamHack right now and I've been busy with the TV team and such. I hope that you guys have checked the livestream sometime.

Well sometimes it's because that I don't want to lag or such while in game, I hope that you understand! I'll do my best to send the livestream as often as I can.
I have to add that our "neighbours" in front of us are really kind! Creds to them! You might see more of'em later.
My plans are to download Dungeon Defenders and Star Wars - The Old Republic and try'em out, but first some pictures!

D Hall in daylight

Woop woop!

Eric playing Battlefield 3

Crowd of people before the opening ceremony!


Awesome light show during the ceremony

Gaming mode: ON

Some people are making it really cosy!

Big screens!


Stay tuned for videoblogging in the next update!

DreamHack Winter 2011 - Day 1 and livestream

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Hey guys!

As you know, I'm at DreamHack right now and I'm running around taking a lot of pictures and I'm livestreaming too! Be sure to check out if you want to see what's happening on DreamHack.

Stay tuned for more pictures, videos and other goodies!

w00t, found a Nintendo 64... when throwing out trash!

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For a couple of weeks ago I was down to the central waste collection room (soprum) with my big sister to throw some garbage when I heard her say "There's a Nintendo 64 over here".
WOOSH! And there it was, a Nintendo 64 with 3 hand controls and a game "Mario Party 2".
I picked it up and took it with me home, figured out that I atleast could see if it still worked and yepp! Everything worked fine. So right now I have 2 Nintendo 64 at home.

I mean, they don't make those consoles anymore and it's too bad to just throw'em away if they work fine. I might sell the Nintendo 64 I found to someone that would like to have one!

The Nintendo 64 with hand controls and Mario Party 2.

Next update: Cleaning with friends and SVT/UR!

SVT - Sveriges Television (Swedish TV)

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Hey hey hey!

I haven't shared this to you guys yet but during this week SVT, which is the Swedish Television will come and follow me during a day or two for a program they're going to make about media and games. I met the producent through DreamHack's Facebook where he was asking for any girl gamer in a WoW clan or that likes e-sports so I took the chance to send him a message. I'm looking forward to meet the team and to participate in this program. They'll probably even come along to DreamHack, perhaps keeping me company on the train hahah!

Stay tuned!

177 visitors day 1 and the launch of Skyrim

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177 visitors during Friday November 11th, awesome.
So yesterday (it's after midnight here in Sweden) it was 11-11-11 and I know that many of my friends are isolated, playing Skyrim! Me myself haven't tried out Oblivion (uh oh) so I guess that's why I'm not that "hypah hypah!" over the launch, although I would really like you guys to share what you think about the game for now. Have you played any of the other Elder Scrolls games before and what makes the RPG so good/bad?

- I should maybe try to get a hold of Skyrim and try it out myself, perhaps I should start with any of the older Elder Scrolls games first. Hmm...

HANDING OUT: Tryndamere + skin! Spread my blog

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Hey hey hey!

I'm gonna hand out one code that gives you the champion Tryndamere (if you don't already have him) and his skin Viking Tryndamere but only if You help me out with one thing first. So now you might wondering what I want You to do to get the chance of getting this code. Let's see it as a goal!

What You need to do
I would like you to spread my blog so I get 50+ daily visitors every day during 12 days. If I get around 50 or more visitors during those days I'll hand out a code. If this blog doesn't get around 50 daily visitors I'll not be handing out the code, at least for now.
So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends to visit this blog to get a chance to win this awesome faceroll champion and a skin! Who knows, I maybe pick TWO winners which means that I'll be handing out 2 codes!

Starts: Tomorrow Friday November 11th
Ends: Wednesday November 23rd

How do I pick the winner?
I'll write a new update Thursday November 24th, the first day of DreamHack Winter 2011. You'll then need to comment the post with your first and last name, don't forget to add your email! I'll during DreamHack present the winner in a video blog.

Pics or it didn't happen!

EXCLUSIVE: MMOHut interview!

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y0 guys,

Guess what? I actually contacted Omer from and also got to ask some questions, got to know him better (he be mah awesome cool friend, wow!) and got to participate in one of his videos. does a lot of great reviews on free to play games and I think that most of you guys recognizes it, if not be sure to check out

So, it all started with a message on YouTube which I asked him if he would like to answer some questions for an interview and I got pretty surprised and happy that he answered quickly with a yes and some ideas! We decided to start chit chatting on Skype and then play a game League of Legends together and I can tell ya' that he's a really funny and an awesome person. I really enjoyed our conversation and there was a lot of laughter. Since Omer plays on the North American server I decided to borrow a friend's account. Dayuum that 200+ ping. Well anyways it didn't surprise me that while in game, people were asking him if he was the "real Remotay" which he answered "no". "I always say that I'm not the real Remotay!" he told me.

- And yes, he does talk pretty fast and a lot but hey, that's charming!

So Omer, what made you start to do all those reviews?
I didn't think that there were many communities out there which made good reviews on free to play games so that's why I started!

Which one is your favourite review you have ever done?

The most funniest one I've ever done is this one:

How many installed games do you actually have on your computer?
I use to delete most of the "bad" games and keep the one's I like to play, so right now around 30!

What do you prefer eating or drinking while playing?

The typical gaming drink like energy drinks and ramen! Nuts can be good too.

What type of gaming gears are you using?
Keyboard is a cheap one for around 25 bucks and then I use a 40 dollar headset by Razor, "the green one". (He didn't remember the name of the headset) I use Razor Death Adder as gaming mouse.

Battlefield vs. Call of Duty?

Battlefield, I've played a lot of Battlefield 1942, it's a great game! Have you tried it? (Well, I haven't so here comes the part where he sighes at me lol)

X-Box vs. Playstation
[Insert Omer talking about the differences between PS and X-Box and that he doesn't really know because they're both good bla bla]... If I had to choose it would be X-Box!

I really have to ask you, how can you talk so much?
Hahahah, well I don't prepare anything when recording all the reviews. I guess I just think out loud!

Guys, be sure to check out! Don't forget to Comment, leave questions and such on this post so that Omer perhaps could answer them.

And another thing, no I won't be giving out any contact information or tell him to add you or accept your friend invites so you don't have to bother asking me that. It's up to him!

Stay tuned!

Livestream/Video blog during DreamHack? Yes/no

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Hey guys,

Dang got lots and lots to do, wouldn't mind some tasty chocolate mousse right now...
Anyways! I've been thinking of doing something at DreamHack Winter 2011 and that's livestreaming or make some kind of video blog during the event. What do you think about it? Would that be interesting?
We can say like this. If more than 20 of you guys comments with a yes, I'll try to get hold of a video camera. That sounds pretty fair in my opinion!

I also welcome my new readers, I'm pretty satisfied with getting around 80-100 page views everytime I post something new and if you like my blog, please share it!
I would like to improve my blog and was thinking that more pictures could be fun, right? Do you have any good ideas for a nice blog design perhaps? More videos of cute kittens?

DreamHack Winter 2011 - Here I come!

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It seems like DreamHack Winter 2011 will get a lot of visitors, me included. I'll go there with my team and some other friends and I'm really excited about it. As some of you guys know I went to DreamHack Summer 2011 and I had a lot of fun and did learn to know some new friends. The atmosphere was great with awesome music and gamers everywhere. I really missed that place when I came home and I think it's great that this event is twice a year.
I also think that they did have good food over there. You could choose between the regular LAN food as pizza or food like fish, wook, meat and so on in the different restaurants. Also you could buy fruit, candies, different sodas, coffee, tea and sandwiches in another store over there. Altho', even more variety wouldn't hurt! I ate at the restaurant twice and wok... 2-3 times. The noodles for the wok was out so they picked regular pasta instead, that was... alright. The sandwiches were great especially when you wanted to eat real breakfast.

It doesn't seem like Riot is going there though which is pretty boo in my opinion, but oh well!

Have you guys ever been to a big LAN party and if not would you like to?
Do you have some great memories from a LAN? Share share share!

OpenCup and tournaments

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So, my team and I have competed in the OpenCup Europe League of Legends tournament and every team got divided into 8 Groups in 4 different Leagues. Then you had to play against the one's in the same team as you. So... we scored second place in our group which means that we didn't qualify for the EuroCup (where you can win money) but we did qualify for another OpenCup where you can win Riot points.
Although, we didn't got to play against the other teams that much, actually 2 games out of 4 since 2 of them didn't show up so we won by no show.

I'm curious about you guys. Do you have any kind of experience of a tournament? Share!

YEAH I LIKE TO TOWERDIVE!! How to learn from your mistakes

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This week a dude wrote to me in game (League of Legends) and asked if I could give him some tips on how to be a better player. He told me that he's too offensive and don't really know how to act in different kinds of situations. So I thought that I could update my blog with a post about "how to be a better player and learn from your mistakes". I chose to write about towerdiving, offensive playstyle, defensive playstyle, mood in game and how to get better as a player. Here we go!

The tower's be hittin' on me dawg, what to do? (Towerdiving)

Well, first of all. Stop towerdive. If your minions ain't there to take'em shots for you, you shouldn't stand in range for the tower to be hittin' on your ass unless you're a bit tanky. Remember that the tower aim's at you straight ahead if you're hitting on the enemy champions. See the towers as a dog, guarding their master(s).
Try to harrass as much as you can. If the enemy champion is low on hp and you don't have enough hp to tower dive for a certain amount of time, don't do it. It's better to let him or her get away, you'll win the lane for a moment and gain more exp and gold than the enemy champions. If there's a gank on its way from your jungler, then be ready to help out as much as possible. The same goes for the jungler, you can't ask your team mate with low hp to engage on the enemy champion standing beside his tower.

Keywords: Patience, strategy, harrass, teamplay

I'm so pr0 hurr durr. OH SHIT! (Offensive playstyle)

Okay... So I guess that you're going a bit too offensive and thinks that you can slain everyone that gets near you. Well yes, you can. But apparently not in this case, especielly if you recognize yourself in this "topic". First of all, you have to realize how much damage you can do against one certain enemy champion (does he have any armor or perhaps magic resist? Is he squishy or tanky?) and how much they can do against you. Do they have a lot of cc (crowd control)? A good choice is not to run in to someone making a lot of critical damage if you're a paper champion (back in my Tales of Pirates days, we used to call players that were squishy for an example, paper sharpshooter and so on) and all your cc's on cd (cooldown). Remember that this is a game where you play in a team, as a team. Unless you're really fed, the enemy is low on hp or makes enough dmg faster than the enemy champion, don't go against an enemy champion or the enemy team alone. Learn how to communicate with your team but most important: learn how to play with your team. You don't always have to be so aggressive, it's better to take it easy and have patience instead of giving away free kills to the enemy teams.

Keywords: Teamplay, patience, knowledge

(Defensive playstyle)

Baduum tisch! Sometimes you might meet a player who's very defensive. The same thoughts can go back against you, you know. Some people just stands behind the rest of the team, perhaps cast one of his spells or two and then woosh! Back to the base/tower, running away like it would be fire under his feet. I would say that you're just afraid of getting bad stats or you're afraid of someone in the enemy team. If you see a team mate hitting on one or two of the enemy champions and you're very close, try to help him or her out. You guys will perhaps get one of them, even two of them and get away. Although, if it's one in your team against 3 or 4 of them, then you can start running if you know that you really can't help out.
If you're a tank, you should help out engaging and stand in the front, not let your carries take all the damage. Being too defensive can give away a free win.
Being defensive and have patience is not the same as being too defensive and not doing anything at all.

Help out, strategy, teamplay, communication

R-R-RAGE QUIT! (Mood in game)

I understand that sometimes it goes so bad in a game you just want to quit. Flaming, qq'ing and rage quitting won't make you a better player than the rest of the one's trying to turn the game around. Don't give up too soon and by raging, flaming or qq'ing on your team mates the mood in the team and the teamplay will be so bad. Remember it's just a game and of course you can get irritated and stuff, but try to hold it for yourself at least while playing and focus on the game instead. Don't give up too soon! I do understand if you want to ragequit when your teammates are stubborn and thinks that your team can win even when the enemy team whipes your asses, they got all buffs, more gold, pushed into your base and yeah, are winning. But always try your best to focus on the game, not on the flaws. Instead, why don't you try to help out your mates by giving them some tips about items or a different playstyle!

Patience, maturity, strategy, teamplay

Uninstall game, you suck! (How to get better as a player)

No, you don't. You just need more practice and everyone has bad games from time to time and meets people just calling you a noob. Practice, play with people you like to play with and you'll gain more experience. Try to be open for new ideas and enjoy the game. It doesn't mean that someone with 1000 wins is better than someone with 400. Of course they got more experience but that doesn't mean that they know a lot about strategies and such.
You just need to practice and be willing to learn. Don't be too stubborn and listen to the one's trying to give you some tips instead!

So, this is something I just put together. If you want some more tips, don't hesitate to ask! Please share your own thoughts, experience and knowledge about how to be a better player and how to learn from your mistakes. How do you act in different kinds of situations? What do you do when trying to get better as a player?

Playstation vs X-BOX

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Forgot to tell you guys about a competition held by GAMEX (it's some kind of big game event here in Sweden) that I participated in. You could win a Ziperall/One Piece in special brand by Playstation. So, what you had to do was to answer which game that would launch at the same time as GAMEX was held and also, why you should win this special Playstation brand Ziperall.

I won! So I picked a pink one. They might not look that sexy (in another thought... they don't look sexy) but dayuum they're comfortable. Seriously! I could tell you guys that it's a perfect clothing to use when it's a little bit colder. It has fleece inside so it gets pretty hot in it, if it's a sunny day. I picked one size too big and they're really big, but I'm pretty satisfied with the size since I'm just wearing it when I'm in a cozy mood. Perhaps in some cool game events too.

Some people likes Playstation better than X-Box or the other way 'round. In my opinion, role playing games and fighting games are better on Playstation than X-Box, but that's just me and what I've snatched up. I mean, I've played Tekken, Guitar Hero, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts on Playstation. Meanwhile, I think that X-box is a really great console for fps games. I've heard and seen friends play games like Call of Duty and Battlefield Bad Company 2 on it. I'm not too familiar with X-Box and the latest Playstation console I own is Playstation 2 but as far as I know, I got it pretty right between those two.

So, share your own thoughts and experience about those two gaming consoles. Which one do you prefer for different kind of games? Do you have a favourite between those two?

Highscore Sweden article about FAQ

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Hi guys,

Highscore Sweden already wrote about my team Fight and Qualify. The article is in Swedish but I'll translate it for you.

"A lot seems to happen right now in the game world with Gamescom going on, but now it's about something that takes place in the Swedish gaming world and the game League of Legends.

The team "Fight and Qualify" fights their way on the server Nordic & East after the Europe server split and they're now looking for new teammates to become one of the top teams and crush everyone else. Do you have what it takes to get Sweden on the map? If so, you can send your application to their team at their forum @ Fight & Qualify

League of Legends is a free team-based game and you can download it here: League Of Legends.

Fight and Qualify

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As I mentioned in the previous post I'm going to talk about my team Fight and Qualify.
When Riot decided to split the Europan League of Legends server, most of the top team went to EU West. Right now, I can't really say that there's a top team in the Nordic & East server. So, I wanted to make my own clan, or team and try to get there with them.
We're just getting started but with some pretty nice contacts and friends the team already got 2 supports; NärCon, one of the biggest conventions in Scandinavia and Highscore Sweden, a community which updates the readers about new games and such.
Fight and Qualify will try to reach our goal: to be one of the top teams in EU Nordic & East. But there are something that we keep in mind while doing this.
We value two of the most important things in the team; to remember that it's just a game and enjoy it and focus on teamplay.
We just started, and it might take a while. You could call this an idea, a kind of project. I hope that you guys are with me and my team in this!
I'll livestream from time to time and also, if you're interested in playing with us, feel free to send an application! All information can be found at I'll post the livestream link in another post.

Insert an interesting title here - and then some voice communication

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y0y0 guys!

Sup? How ya'll been doing lately? I know that I haven't updated the blog in a while but now I'm doing it! Creds to me, yeah I know, thank you. Seriously, some of you mentioned to me that you like my blog so hey! I can't let you guys down so I feel much more motivated to write when people actually read.
So, I got three interesting updates coming up, the first one about my own team in League of Legends Nordic & East; Fight and Qualify, the second one about what happens if you're a gal and writes somewhere in a game community and the third one will be this one: Headset and voice communication.

Something that's really annoying in my opinion is when you're playing with dudes that you know got a fully working headset/microphone and all that shiz, but doesn't use it. Well of course you got those times when you're pissed off and angry against everyone or anything that moves (or not moves, like destroying your computer gears) and just too annoyed or sad to talk. But the one's saying "I'm listening to music, hurr durr" or "I'm too lazy to plug in my headset"... Dafuk?! Well, okay fine. You know, it'll help your team mates out if they want to communicate with you. It does take some time to write in a chat meanwhile running from a huge beast trying to hump your ass in game. What I'm trying to say is that voice communication in game is really good. Not necessary but it's very helpful for both you and your team mates. What's your own thoughts about it?